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Making Change EASY!
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Monday, 22 October 2012

Making Change EASY!


With Appreciative Inquiry (AI)
A one day Workshop with AI/SOAR Facilitator 

John Loty
Strengths / Opportunities / Aspirations / Results
And Enjoy Every Minute!

Sydney one-day workshop -                          14th November 2012
Melbourne one-day workshop -                     16th November 2012

Can you ‘make change easy’? ... In a word. ‘YES!’
Can you ‘make change last’?  ... ‘YES again!’ And fast, and enjoyable!

A process that is people-centred and involves the 'whole system', is engaging and enduring. People who feel good about themselves and others in their group commit to one another. Leave behind the ‘us vs them’ and generate the ‘we’.

Participants will share their experiences as they learn how new and better, strengths-based, ways of leading change are spreading throughout the business world. As many are now experiencing, an exciting strengths-based model of positive change puts something powerful and full of life deep inside the heart of business and organisational change.  It’s been called the ‘strengths revolution’, a new way to make change happen.

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) and SOAR have sparked a movement that has profound implications for everyone keen to lead with hope and optimism, and manage sustainable, successful change initiatives – to win the future through the highest engagement of human strengths! 

AI is a body of work that focuses on developing an organization's positive core to inspire collaborative action for strength-based organisational change.
AI has been recognized as the most innovative approach in Organizational Development in more than a decade.

SOAR utilises the appreciative whole system approach to build strategic capacity. SOAR provides a structured focus on Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations and Results. 

At the conclusion of this interactive one-day energizing session you will be equipped with new tools, new mindsets, and stories from the field that will make a difference in your work – and in your life.

What you learn in one day can change everything.
Join us.       Register here 

“John Loty has a passion for bringing out the best in human systems in ways that not only link to the latest research findings in the world, but also provides specific and concrete tools that work for organizations, communities, and positive personal change ...”   
David Cooperrider (co-originator of AI)
Fairmount Minerals Professor of Social Entrepreneurship
and Faculty Director Fowler Center for Sustainable Value
Weatherhead School of Management
Case Western Reserve University

“John Loty is a source of inspiration and insight, delving into how to make a positive impact through applying Appreciative Inquiry and SOAR framework to your life and those lives that you lead in organizations ...”
Dr. Jacqueline M. Stavros (co-originator of SOAR)
Associate Professor
DBA Program Director
College of Management
Lawrence Technological University

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For Melbourne: Choose Seasons Botanic Gardens
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Effective Parenting
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Monday, 8 October 2012

“When people are accepted, when they are free to express themselves and can participate in making decisions that affect them, they enjoy greater self-esteem, are more self-confident, and lose a sense of powerlessness that’s always present in autocratic families.” 

Dr Thomas Gordon, 2000

I have quoted this directly from the Effectiveness Training Institute of Australia website as a neat summary from the master as to why we should aim to create families that will provide the very best for our children. The ETIA training is not difficult - how to really listen (most people don't), how to be assertive (not aggressive, and most people aren't assertive either), and how to work out Win-Win agreements with children of all ages (and mostly we don't do that!)
And if you think it's just for parents, think again. Works great in the office or any workplace, or with friends, relatives... It's better human relations, and that means greater success and happiness in life. Worth it? Certainly is. It was Parent Effective Training (PET) that started me on my way, and the same with my children. Low cost, huge return. And you will find bits of it in all of our work. Best wishes to you.
PS: 7 million have gained from PET.  Gordon Training International is the overall organisation, worldwide, centered in the USA.
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