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Customising questionnaires?
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Saturday, 28 November 2009
Someone left a comment on my Best Practice postings that it was better if you could customise the questionnaire. Well, All our questionnaires are customisable but people who have worked with the Leader/Manager Model usually love it as is. Mind you, sometimes you have to make changes to meet org defined competencies and local language (which can mean technical or geographical) and that's fine. We are happy to advise on the changes and ensure you have a good questionnaire at the end of the day. It doesn't cost any more.

The writer suggested that it was better to select from a group of questions. That sounds nice and easy but... Are you sure you selected the ones that will cover all the issues for all the teams and managers in your organisation? That's the reason we (and our clients) love the holistic Leader/Manager Model and it's neat structure, easily understood.

But we're flexible!

And thanks, anon, for the question.


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Cooperrider fills up
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Thursday, 12 November 2009
Under pressure I caved in, gave way and joined Twitter (as DrRons). Well, it was a chance to mention Cooperrider. So I sent off all these twits about him - sorry, tweets. His visit (first to Australia) could well go down as a historic event: the date when Australians started to understand how great we are, how much greater we can all be, leaving behind a lot of pessimism, hopelessness and argument over trivialities, and how we can grow on the positive route together.

If that sounds exaggerated, please understand that I don't do exaggeration. It's for real. Check out Cooperrider's track record at the Appreciative Inquiry Network website and sign up - the workshops are now filling up. You can also get an overview at the 360 Facilitated website.

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