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Cause of Queensland Floods
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Saturday, 15 January 2011
Not so Happy this New Year so far. The news, of course, concentrates on the devastation and and great rescue effort - and all power to them for keeping us informed. But how did we let this happen? Please let's start to think ahead.

As usual, there are the sceptics desperately trying to deny that we are seeing Global Warming in action. A really nice short article that clarifies this for anyone (other than a 'sceptic') from University of California at San Diego shows how climate warming puts more water into the system. Well worth reading at:
Proof of Global Warming

A little more support and detail from University of New South Wales is at: Climate change link

The other issues behind this are around our risk-taking behaviour (motivated by financial gain) and our unwillingness to realise that '100-year' weather events must now be expected more frequently. That's Global Warming again.

Risk-taking: we build housing on flood plains where it's only a matter of how soon, how much. And we deforest the surrounding hills so that the majority of rainfall now becomes run-off - which becomes flooding.

The solution: it's very long-term, hence not popular with politicians of the populist variety. We need education. Help people to understand, then they will elect politicians who dare to tackle the problem.

It's complex. We have created an economic system that keeps expanding to infinity - well not quite. You could say the bubble grows till it pops, over and over. And we are dependent on its growth for livelihood and well-being. It's Catch 22, no one offers a solution...

Except Mega Planning. Everything becomes possible once you factor in the future. Start everything you do from a Vision of the future. It's not hard to plan this way. It doesn't negate the planning you've been doing, but it give you a framework to evaluate it and find a better way forward. And it doesn't cost much - a lot of the material is open-source.

People are gradually wiseing up and asking for this forward-looking approach. Get in ahead with Mega Planning and lead the way. Especially in the re-building phase in Queensland. Let's not build the whole catastrophe over again and wait for it to happen! Because it won't be 100 years. Much less.

Wishing you the very best of all possible futures

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