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Pigs' revenge
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Monday, 4 May 2009
Anyone who has looked at the way pigs are treated by humans can only feel sorry for them, whether in the Third World, where they often live in their own excrement with one leg tied to a stake, or in the First World where they may pass their lives held in a steel clamp.

Pigs have brains not all that different from our own. The New York Times once ran an article on pigs and said that 'Pigs are as intelligent, loyal and social as dogs, and much cleaner.' How then do we get to the point of making them the objects of derision? By ill-treating them.

Is inhumane treatment of animals one of the elements that make up the World for Tomorrow's Child that is the Ideal Vision of MegaPlanning? It doesn't seem like it. Whatever our needs for food may be, they should not compromise our future and that of our children. Massive factory farming of pigs - as in Mexico and elsewhere today, their faeces pouring out into the local water supply - does provide the perfect breeding ground for disease. The exact relation between pigs and swine flu' is not the issue. If it didn't actually come from pigs this time, then next time. Experts have been warning about this for years. Funny that it's the pig farmers that deny it! Take a look at what the Mexican government has to say. You have to scroll down a bit to get to the nitty gritty of pig farms in Mexico (often US owned).

You know the saying: what goes around comes around. Are the pigs fighting back?

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