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Sunday, 14 March 2010
Care 2 look?

Ever noticed the increasing number of websites with emails that dedicate themselves to real issues otherwise neglected? Like the crims selling whale meat in Japan from 'scientific' whale slaughter? Or the plan to sell ivory stockpiles and put the poachers back in business? And lots more. Just have a look at the Care2 website, they provide a substratum of news that hardly hits the 'usual' media because there's no money in it.

Of course, there is money in it, that's why this stuff goes on. It helps to be aware of it, notice who shows political interest, and delve in the pocket when it moves you. Clearly, Mega Planning is directly aimed at a better society for all, worldwide. When organisations start working this way, there will be less need for people to live from corruption, and news will be more freely distributed - with more good news than bad!

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