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Sunday, 31 July 2011

There seems to be a widely held view that Corporate Social Responsibility (or CSR) is about sacrificing earnings in order to be 'a good corporate citizen'.

There is another view that ought to be heard more: it's about how organisations can thrive in a rapidly changing world. How far are we prepared to look into the future to guarantee our profits long-term?
It’s a fact of life that new restrictions are continuously placed on organisations, whether by obligations to the workforce or to society or the environment. We have the choice of seeing these as obstacles or as opportunities. As obstacles, we try to get around them or postpone them - until eventually we get hit by some new law - like a price on carbon (oh dear, we thought we could keep dumping the carbon down the sky drain!)

As opportunities, we can involve our whole workforce, our clients, our suppliers, all of our stakeholders in how to have less impact on the ecology - and achieve a new round of profitability.

That's Mega Planning. Start from the future you want (it will surely include no-pollution, won't it?) and plan to operate that way in the shortest time possible. Once the decision is made, the effort to fight off the needs of the future is eliminated and you are free to put your creative energy into new ways, more profitable ways, to change.

Any feedback on this?

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