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Thursday, 30 July 2009
Now that the number of building approvals has picked up again, maybe we could start to think about what we build?!? It doesn't cost any more to build sustainably, check out the Green Building Council of Australia. It's filled with opportunity - and better living! Not just for the moment, but for the future. We suggest their website as one of the best around. Not only good viewing but full of hope! There is a future and they have their eye on it. You can also study online for GreenStar Accreditation.

Or you can go to Canberra:

On 11th & 12th Aug, BEMP 2009 will focus on how the building sector, in partnership with Government, can contribute to Australia's early recovery and provide a strong foundation for future prosperity.

At Leaderskill Group, we see 'green' as opportunity, not threat. If you start from a future that we all want, then you can earn a good living creating it. This is what Mega Planning is about - take a look at Start-up Mega Planning, the easy-to-do structured approach to sustainability - and more.

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