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Introducing the Leader/Manager: No. 9 - Emotional Intelligence - always there
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Friday, 12 December 2008
Well I did promise a few more words on Emotional Intelligence and here is:

We knew from first hearing about Emotional Intelligence that there are questions (behaviours) in the Leader/Manager question set that fit the definition of EI. When we did the stats, we were pleased to find that they correlated very well together. From this we developed a way to indicate which of these questions suggested that a focus on EI could be useful in development, and which suggested that this area was going well - or at least as well as the profile overall. A neat display page made this very easy to decide.

So now a manager looking at his/her profile can get a quick run down on their EI skills as perceived by Respondents, and take (or not take) action. This has proved to be very useful information to use in the Manager Debrief session and sometimes gives clear guidance in relation to the profile overall.

So after all the hoo-ha, EI is not new to the Leader/Manager. We very much welcome it. EI is a natural part of all interaction between people working together, and therefore simply forms a part of the holistic Leader/Manager Model - always has. Nothing had to be modified to add or include EI. All that was required was to put a spotlight on that particular element of the profile and let managers work with it. But if someone feels that their managers can't handle it (don't laugh, such views have been expressed!), or if they're all EI'd out (and that's happened in some organizations), then we can switch it off. 360 Facilitated® is nothing if not flexible!

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Are Americans becoming stupid?
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Monday, 1 December 2008
Couldn't resist this one. Better take a look at it. Not just Americans - Australians, too, and lots of others! Could save your life - or at least extend it. If it's a health issue, it's a Sustainability issue. Click on Natural News at:

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