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Australian Management Capability Index (AMCI)
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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

"Management capability is about applying management competencies to achieve desired results within an organisation. Strong management capability contributes to the strong performance of organisations."

AMCI 2013 - published by AIM Qld, NSW, ACT, NT

Today I had the pleasure of hearing Dr Roger Collins (Professor Emeritus at the University of NSW, amongst much else) at the AIM breakfast in Sydney. It would be very hard to put in a few words what Roger said. But I like big picture, so I'll do it:

  1. You have a choice: do what must be done right now, or think about what must be done very soon - and that could be in a year or ten years, or much longer.

  2. How do you treat your people, are they stuck in today or do you listen to them about tomorrow - and today! Too many companies are caught in the 'response to threat' syndrome, not exploration of the 'response to opportunity'. They are not listening to their people.

  3. Organisational capabilities come from the uniting of the competencies of individuals. Can you bring groups/teams together to work on the opportunities of the future - i.e. develop the organisation's capabilities? It is from capabilities (not just competencies) that we get safety, corporate governance, foresight, innovation ... all the things we most want from organisations!

  4. Successful people succumb to arrogance. They no longer listen, they know! Put them on the streets with the NFPs and community groups who have to work with the problems we create. Build their social conscience and thoughtfulness about how they proceed - thinking beyond just profit as the bottom line.

  5. And throughout all of this is woven the thread of Leadership vs Management - merged and confused even in the Harvard Business Review! We must distinguish:
           - Leadership is taking people into the future.
           - Management is doing what has to be done today.

    Can leaders forget about Management, are they too good for that? No!
    Can managers forget about Leadership, that's not their job? No!

    The answer is, everyone in an organisation should do both. And when it's not your job to do the management, it is your job to see it gets done!

  6. Doing Leadership and Management at every level is Distributed Leadership. When you achieve that, you have an entire organisation taking care of the job as specified, and offering thoughts, ideas, contributions and effort for the future. They love it.
Does that sum it up? Probably not, but it's a start. Want to see/hear more of Roger Collins? Click here.
Of course, Leaderskill has a lot to say along these lines, and how you can get there, Click here.
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The Conversation - tune in!
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Friday, 10 May 2013
Have you noticed that news is becoming more and more politicised? Do you ever feel that you can't get an unbiased view of what's happening - just opposing polarisations?

Well some people are doing something about it. They have gathered a group of well-qualified specialists to provide carefully prepared bulletins globally. They have had real support, even from the UN and from the UK government. Even newspapers - who can no longer pay for investigative journalism - are now taking up stories and spreading them widely! News like it used to be - and now is real again!

What is it? It's an Australian initiative. The Conversation. 'Listen' to it (better say see it!) at:

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Early birds for Thiagi!
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Friday, 22 February 2013
The early bird price for Thiagi has been extended. Three days with the maestro! Well worth it.
(see previous post)
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Thiagi comes back!
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Friday, 25 January 2013

Interactive Training Strategies

This 3-Day workshop by Dr. Thiagi practices what he preaches!

Be in a workshop that helps you design and conduct many different types of effective training games, simulations, and activities - learning by using these methods

Dr Sivasailam (Thiagi) Thiagarajan has been the President of the North American Simulation and Gaming Association (NASAGA) four times, and of the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) twice.

Based on 30 years of field research, these design formats enable you to create training faster, cheaper and better. You will receive a hefty collection of training games during the workshop and have access to 2000+ web pages with additional games, activities, and facilitation tips.

Learn how to engage learners by gamifying” learning tasks and challenges.

Who should attend
This workshop is designed for trainers, instructional designers, facilitators, and performance consultants. The workshop helps a wide range of practitioners, from newcomers to experienced specialists to master skills and concepts related to different types of training games, simulations, and learning exercises. Web Designers, IT &  Groups of trainers will find this workshop very helpful.(and see Group Discount)

“Quite simply, Thiagi is the most prolific and creative designer of games and simulations in the world.”

Glenn Parker, author of Team Players and Teamwork

“Thiagi’s training games are always ingenious, easy to conduct, and open to several learning points.”

Mel Silberman, author of Active Training and 101 Ways to Make Training More Active

“When I want to create a learning environment or produce a thoughtful discussion, I turn to Thiagi’s games.”

Steve Sugar, author of Games That Teach
               “Thiagi’s games make me look good.”  Bill Matthews
REGISTER online (EVENTS tab)

Course Dates in MARCH 2013
Melbourne: 6th, 7th  & 8th
Seasons Botanic Gardens
348 St Kilda Rd

Sydney:     12th, 13th & 14th
Clifton's new Venue
60 Margaret St

Brisbane: 19th, 20th &21st
Clifton's 288 Edward Street

9am start and conclude
at 4.30pm each day

Course Fee
Standard fee for 3 days $1485.00

Early Bird before February 18th  (Brisbane before  Feb 25th)

All fees shown include  GST

Group Discount: Register 3 or more participants at the same time – as a group –
And receive an additional 10% Group Discount.

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Making Change EASY!
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Monday, 22 October 2012

Making Change EASY!


With Appreciative Inquiry (AI)
A one day Workshop with AI/SOAR Facilitator 

John Loty
Strengths / Opportunities / Aspirations / Results
And Enjoy Every Minute!

Sydney one-day workshop -                          14th November 2012
Melbourne one-day workshop -                     16th November 2012

Can you ‘make change easy’? ... In a word. ‘YES!’
Can you ‘make change last’?  ... ‘YES again!’ And fast, and enjoyable!

A process that is people-centred and involves the 'whole system', is engaging and enduring. People who feel good about themselves and others in their group commit to one another. Leave behind the ‘us vs them’ and generate the ‘we’.

Participants will share their experiences as they learn how new and better, strengths-based, ways of leading change are spreading throughout the business world. As many are now experiencing, an exciting strengths-based model of positive change puts something powerful and full of life deep inside the heart of business and organisational change.  It’s been called the ‘strengths revolution’, a new way to make change happen.

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) and SOAR have sparked a movement that has profound implications for everyone keen to lead with hope and optimism, and manage sustainable, successful change initiatives – to win the future through the highest engagement of human strengths! 

AI is a body of work that focuses on developing an organization's positive core to inspire collaborative action for strength-based organisational change.
AI has been recognized as the most innovative approach in Organizational Development in more than a decade.

SOAR utilises the appreciative whole system approach to build strategic capacity. SOAR provides a structured focus on Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations and Results. 

At the conclusion of this interactive one-day energizing session you will be equipped with new tools, new mindsets, and stories from the field that will make a difference in your work – and in your life.

What you learn in one day can change everything.
Join us.       Register here 

“John Loty has a passion for bringing out the best in human systems in ways that not only link to the latest research findings in the world, but also provides specific and concrete tools that work for organizations, communities, and positive personal change ...”   
David Cooperrider (co-originator of AI)
Fairmount Minerals Professor of Social Entrepreneurship
and Faculty Director Fowler Center for Sustainable Value
Weatherhead School of Management
Case Western Reserve University

“John Loty is a source of inspiration and insight, delving into how to make a positive impact through applying Appreciative Inquiry and SOAR framework to your life and those lives that you lead in organizations ...”
Dr. Jacqueline M. Stavros (co-originator of SOAR)
Associate Professor
DBA Program Director
College of Management
Lawrence Technological University

View by location:
For Sydney:      Choose Cliftons
For Melbourne: Choose Seasons Botanic Gardens
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Effective Parenting
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Monday, 8 October 2012

“When people are accepted, when they are free to express themselves and can participate in making decisions that affect them, they enjoy greater self-esteem, are more self-confident, and lose a sense of powerlessness that’s always present in autocratic families.” 

Dr Thomas Gordon, 2000

I have quoted this directly from the Effectiveness Training Institute of Australia website as a neat summary from the master as to why we should aim to create families that will provide the very best for our children. The ETIA training is not difficult - how to really listen (most people don't), how to be assertive (not aggressive, and most people aren't assertive either), and how to work out Win-Win agreements with children of all ages (and mostly we don't do that!)
And if you think it's just for parents, think again. Works great in the office or any workplace, or with friends, relatives... It's better human relations, and that means greater success and happiness in life. Worth it? Certainly is. It was Parent Effective Training (PET) that started me on my way, and the same with my children. Low cost, huge return. And you will find bits of it in all of our work. Best wishes to you.
PS: 7 million have gained from PET.  Gordon Training International is the overall organisation, worldwide, centered in the USA.
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Corporate Ecocide
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Thursday, 15 September 2011
Polly Higgins, international human rights lawyer, is encouraging the UN to acknowledge the fifth crime against peace - ecocide. Ecocide? Yes, killing the environment/ecology. When this happens, in most cases it leads to war. Once this is recognised as an international crime, it will be possible to indict the individuals concerned and make them uncomfortable. My recent outburst against the destruction of Australia's water through the mixing of it with pollutants from coal seam gas and fracking would fit very neatly as ecocide, unfortunately. Unfortunate because it's our 'Eco' that would be dead.
To avoid the horrors of Ecocide and still make money - try Mega Planning.

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A widely held view
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Sunday, 31 July 2011

There seems to be a widely held view that Corporate Social Responsibility (or CSR) is about sacrificing earnings in order to be 'a good corporate citizen'.

There is another view that ought to be heard more: it's about how organisations can thrive in a rapidly changing world. How far are we prepared to look into the future to guarantee our profits long-term?
It’s a fact of life that new restrictions are continuously placed on organisations, whether by obligations to the workforce or to society or the environment. We have the choice of seeing these as obstacles or as opportunities. As obstacles, we try to get around them or postpone them - until eventually we get hit by some new law - like a price on carbon (oh dear, we thought we could keep dumping the carbon down the sky drain!)

As opportunities, we can involve our whole workforce, our clients, our suppliers, all of our stakeholders in how to have less impact on the ecology - and achieve a new round of profitability.

That's Mega Planning. Start from the future you want (it will surely include no-pollution, won't it?) and plan to operate that way in the shortest time possible. Once the decision is made, the effort to fight off the needs of the future is eliminated and you are free to put your creative energy into new ways, more profitable ways, to change.

Any feedback on this?

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Do you have a customer?
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Saturday, 26 March 2011
Doesn't every manager have a customer or two, whether inside or outside of the organisation? The 360 Leader/Manager Surveys™ are loved for the way they encourage managers and their teams to get together and deal with the issues confronting them. But these questionnaires don't necessarily cover the interests of clients, especially external. Usually, the manager doesn't meet regularly with them. Many of the things managers do just don't apply. How then do we get their view as part of the 360 degree feedback?

To get the customer's view, we add on to the L/M questionnaire some more questions - perhaps 10, perhaps more - that capture the essence of what the customer wants. Now we have a full picture of manager and team working together - and supporting their mutual customers!

For many managers, this is a very useful extension of the Leader/Manager Model™

Contact us if you would like more details.

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Cause of Queensland Floods
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Saturday, 15 January 2011
Not so Happy this New Year so far. The news, of course, concentrates on the devastation and and great rescue effort - and all power to them for keeping us informed. But how did we let this happen? Please let's start to think ahead.

As usual, there are the sceptics desperately trying to deny that we are seeing Global Warming in action. A really nice short article that clarifies this for anyone (other than a 'sceptic') from University of California at San Diego shows how climate warming puts more water into the system. Well worth reading at:
Proof of Global Warming

A little more support and detail from University of New South Wales is at: Climate change link

The other issues behind this are around our risk-taking behaviour (motivated by financial gain) and our unwillingness to realise that '100-year' weather events must now be expected more frequently. That's Global Warming again.

Risk-taking: we build housing on flood plains where it's only a matter of how soon, how much. And we deforest the surrounding hills so that the majority of rainfall now becomes run-off - which becomes flooding.

The solution: it's very long-term, hence not popular with politicians of the populist variety. We need education. Help people to understand, then they will elect politicians who dare to tackle the problem.

It's complex. We have created an economic system that keeps expanding to infinity - well not quite. You could say the bubble grows till it pops, over and over. And we are dependent on its growth for livelihood and well-being. It's Catch 22, no one offers a solution...

Except Mega Planning. Everything becomes possible once you factor in the future. Start everything you do from a Vision of the future. It's not hard to plan this way. It doesn't negate the planning you've been doing, but it give you a framework to evaluate it and find a better way forward. And it doesn't cost much - a lot of the material is open-source.

People are gradually wiseing up and asking for this forward-looking approach. Get in ahead with Mega Planning and lead the way. Especially in the re-building phase in Queensland. Let's not build the whole catastrophe over again and wait for it to happen! Because it won't be 100 years. Much less.

Wishing you the very best of all possible futures

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