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McKinsey apes Dr Ron!
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Friday, 27 July 2007
No sooner do I write the previous posting (Can we demonstrate sustainability? No. 4 - Measuring success) than The McKinsey Quarterly [it's much more than quarterly] appears and says:
"Almost all large companies undertake a time-consuming strategic-planning process that leaves many executives frustrated with the results".


"Executives in the satisfied minority work for companies that go beyond budgets and financial targets to give the annual process a more important role in developing strategy".

It's surprising that McKinsey has to tell us that but it is good to know that there are companies out there think beyond budgets! McKinsey goes on to say:
"One approach is to start the exercise not by examining the numbers but by identifying the long-term issues facing the company."

An even bigger surprise! Long-term issues? Do you think they could be hinting at the next five, ten, fifty years - what might happen? - whether their enterprise (and the whole planet) would be sustainable?

It's just possible some companies are beginning to think like that. Well if they want a quick, sure and enjoyable (not at all frustrating!) way to do it, try Start-up Mega Planning!

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