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Still using paper?
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Thursday, 12 July 2007
It's true, some people are still using paper! Despite the palms and all the rest of it, a lot of people have to run surveys and 360 feedback where someone or no one has Internet access/ability. Having started with paper 360s in 1993 we were used to handling them and didn't want to give up - not when people were saying "Look, we have this bloke out in the sticks who can't get to a computer - can he mail it in? Yes, I know, the whole survey is online but this guy..."

Sure, send it in, as many as you want. "Will it slow things down? I heard of a company overseas that took three months to return the data when they used paper". No, not at all, we take paper in our stride at 360 Facilitated.

And so it is. We're tops for customer service - as well as having the Leader/Manager Model (and any other survey you want).

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