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Friday, 6 July 2007
Sometimes you get the chance to read a great book before anyone else (almost). It's called The Truth about Trust in Business. It takes trust apart, shows you what it actually is, the part it plays in the organisation, how it impacts a company when it fails, how it matters to you as an employee, a Director - even a customer :)! It also shows you how you can maintain trust, and sometimes rebuild it. Vanessa Hall, the author and editor is clear direct, talks straight to you and gets through every time. The specialist authors who support her with areas such as Leadership and Marketing are concise, fit in perfectly with Vanessa's Trust Model, and give excellent suggestions for maintaining and restoring trust. Vanessa's chapter on Governance is just so readable - you'd never expect it!

So wait for it, maybe in August??? Soon, worth waiting for. In fact start looking now! No, I'll let you know when, I want everyone to read it.

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