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Everest melting
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Thursday, 5 July 2007
The calculated disinformation system that produced the UK Channel 4 film The Great Global Warming Swindle may have influenced many uninformed people that climate change isn't happening, but hasn't made any impact on Mount Everest. The sons of Hilary and Tenzing (first to climb) say that "the mountain is now so ravaged by climate change that they would no longer recognise it".

The horrors are that the Sherpas could be washed away by lakes on the mountain bursting, and that drought will affect the millions who rely on glacial water year round. Estimates are that Everest could be all melted by 2050.

About half the people surveyed in the UK either didn't know about climate change or thought it was still a point of contention between scientists! Oh well, there are still people saying smoking is OK - so that's a point of contention too. And of course the pro-tobacco propaganda was run in the much the same way, so not too surprising when there are energy interests at stake.

In fairness, not all the 'deniers' are propelled by the energy lobby. There are some genuine ones who don't understand probability theory and think that science is either black or white, on or off. Not so, it's about probability - if the likelihood that the plane will crash is not very close to zero, I'm not flying, are you? Same with the planet. Except that in this case the consequences are much greater and the liklihood is very high. There are also a few mavericks who really enjoy being different and don't think much about the risks they are running by confusing the issue.

Meanwhile the predicted severe climate conditions are affecting UK and Europe... and people are buying more gadgets that never switch off (like TVs, they're on standby) requiring more electricity to run.

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