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360 feedback - Q&A - No. 5: Outcomes
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Sunday, 1 July 2007

Q: What really are the outcomes you can expect from running a 360 Facilitated team session?

A: The one that everybody expects is of course that the manager changes: "I have to change this, learn that, develop... and so on".

But this is not necessarily the case. In many situations, it is the team that has to change: "We realize now that it's up to us, we have to... Or we are now given the authority to..."

Or it may well be that perceptions and expectations have to change: "It's not what I/we thought. Or s/he is doing these things but didn't tell us". Of course sometimes, the change in expectations then leads to a change in team or manager.

Lastly, it is often the organization that must change. The manager may be carrying the can for ineffective policies and procedures that have to change.

The great plus here is the precise information that 360 Facilitated produces for manager, team, and management. It is a great catalyst for major change in teams, and in organization and climate.

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