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360 feedback - Q&A - No. 2
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Friday, 22 June 2007


360 Facilitated® has been called the simplest way to bring about team and culture change, hence this section to rethink what we are about, giving some real answers to some of the real questions that come in.

Q: How does the manager make use of the Leader/Manager Types instrument?

A: There are thirty short questions in the L/M instrument – the kind where you have to choose between A and B (sometimes it's which one do you hate the least!). There’s a check on your years of experience and then you print the results. The manager brings the printout to the Debrief session with the Facilitator. The manager's job is to compare their preferred style on the Leader/Manager Types profile with the 'suggested change' from others that they see on their 360 Facilitated profile. Often there is a clear connection – e.g. the manager who prefers Task Leadership may have 'suggested change' concentrated in People Management - the opposite corner of the framework, and so on.

It’s a useful model, offering just 8 Types of manager, and has also value when used on its own. It even has value when used with a set of competencies from an unrelated custom questionnaire. It certainly gets managers thinking about how they manage, how they relate to others and what they might do differently with their team - and with different teams. And that is always valuable.

And then, if you can get the results for a team of managers, we can plot them for you on a Map. When you look at a group of managers, you may understand a lot about how they interact - the synergies, the antipathies, and even the gaps in the group's performance.

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