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360 feedback - Q&A - No. 4
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Wednesday, 27 June 2007
Continuing our Q&A, real answers to real questions about 360 Facilitated®...


How are we therefore arriving at the Priority issues for a Manager?

A: There are two quite different ways to do this in 360 Facilitated. In the non-facilitated process, we look at the averages, the splits in the team's responses - why some are saying 'do more' and other 'do less' about the same item, and we do our best to understand what the respondents had in mind as they filled in the boxes. Unfortunately, no questionnaire on its own can do more than that - at least 360 Facilitated talks behaviours, so there is immediate guidance about what to do.

With experience, we make good guesses and help managers perceive the appreciation in the profile and see the benefits in the change suggested. In the best circumstances, we ask them to sit down with their team and ask them about the feedback "what did you mean when you said that I should...". Of course that takes courage for both manager and team. The manager may want to defend his/her position, the team may be afraid of the manager - or even not want to hurt his/her feelings. To do this well, a manager requires a good level of communication skills - which they may not have.

In contrast, when we are working with the team facilitated process, we go back and ask the respondents (with the manager out of the room) what they meant. We even help them get a shared and deeper understanding of what might be important to them. And we get them to focus on what's working - not on what isn't. This process of Appreciative Inquiry (AI) boosts morale all round and gets people wanting positive change. With the manager back in the room, the priorities are easily identified by the group and all of the creativity and goodwill is mobilised to deal with them - together.

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