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The Stress Pledge
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Monday, 18 June 2007

We put this together years ago. Makes the same sense now as then - want to sign up? You'll be your own witness. Spread the word.

The Stress Pledge

I ..............................................................................................

on ___/___/___ declare that these things are important to me:

        • A healthy, happy life
        • Harmonious relationships
        • A rewarding involvement with people at work
        • A world of peace

I commit myself to not putting unnecessary stress on others or myself.


I will be aware of the way in which I approach others - my voice tone, facial expression, body language and gestures, and the words I use.

If I have an issue to raise with anyone, I will do so by expressing my feelings first and what I am experiencing, avoiding telling the other person what to do, blaming them or making hostile or threatening implications.

I will talk about the issue as I understand it, without exaggeration or denigration of the other person's position.

I will seek to deal with my own stress rather than putting it on others, using whatever techniques I can - relaxation, meditation, exercise, walks, music, humour or whatever works for me.

In the event that someone approaches me in a stressful way, I will do whatever I can to bring the stress to their attention - by listening to them with empathy, by simply noting the stress indications that I am aware of, by pausing or ending the conversation, or by acting in any peaceful way that works, being prepared to create an angry response only when I have tried everything else I know.

"Let there be peace in this world and let it begin with me"
(Source: Japan)

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Permission granted to distribute freely, retaining our name.

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