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360 feedback - Q&A - No. 3
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Monday, 25 June 2007

Q: Here’s a question for you. The manager in this case [whose profile I'm dealing with] was the acting manager [in an upsetting situation] and, after the profile was generated, got pushed back into the team and replaced with another member, now the permanent manager. I think the profile is still useful. But in this situation should I still conduct the session according to plan by sending out the acting manager [the 'recipient'] and keeping the new one in as part of the team discussion, or should I conduct the Team Session differently, or should I send out both old and new managers?

A: If you believe the profile is still relevant or isn't going to be rerun, then I suggest you present the feedback yourself - no managers. In this situation it makes it easier for the team to be less upset about the past and concentrate on how they would like to be managed - this should be the focus.

If you find there is conflict within the group, perhaps divided loyalties, it could take more than one session to resolve. Once you get something worked out in the way of Desired Outcome and specific objectives for the group, then bring in the new broom (manager) to work with them and brainstorm how to do it. Make sure s/he is not unduly pressured, and fully agrees and signs off on everything.

Facilitating the team’s discussion on their own is still best way to get accurate information, and then use it to build manager-team harmony and, in this case, intra-team harmony.

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