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Consultants: What kind are you? (it's free)
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Wednesday, 20 June 2007
What could be more useful to a consultant than to know how s/he really thinks about their role, and what that could mean for their success? Now look at this more broadly, we are all consultants at one time or another, to our friends, co-workers and, most importantly, to our children.

Peter Farey's Leader/Manager Model defines Eight Types of Consultant - none of which is better than the others! But none of the eight is appropriate in every situation. In fact, we need some flexibility: consultants to deal with their different kinds of client, parents with their different children at different ages. And talking about consultants, if you're working in a group, why not everyone do it - and then compare results. We can actually map this for you.

I could say lots more about this simple tool. But instead, take a look, it's quick, simple, costs nothing - you don't even have to give your name! And its on the 360 Facilitated® website at

You're invited. I think you'll like it.
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