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Feedback with no feedback?
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Tuesday, 3 July 2007
When you run a survey for Executive MBA students, it's not surprising to find one or two people who for one reason or another can't meet the minimum numbers for either staff or peers/associates (3 to give averaged data). The 360 Facilitated® team move mountains to get them a profile anyway - we add staff to peers or vice versa to get up to 3 or more in a category.

But in some cases it still doesn't add up to 3. Now, we are able to run a profile with 2 respondents but ONLY if the respondents themselves contact us directly to ask for that - they know that their feedback really won't be anonymous and as a result it may not be very helpful. But at times it can be done.

The alternative is what we call a mini-profile, it has just the self-feedback, and perhaps a boss or two, and provides enough for the student to take a meaningful part in the debriefing class.

Are there other uses for this profile? Yes there are, sometimes a whole group of managers want to put a toe in the water and get to know the Leader/Manager model. Then they can run a stat profile and see the needs of the group as perceived by the managers themselves. It can be a soft lead-in to a program.

Our Self-profile has turned out to be helpful to coaches who ask their clients to consider the whole gamut of Leader/Manager behaviours and suggest their own areas for change. Don't imagine that it's as accurate as upward feedback! But still it's a useful starting point – especially for an organization not willing to try feedback. It is also the one profile that the Participants are welcome to print out themselves – after all, the results are not exactly news to them!

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