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Emotional Intelligence at Work
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Tuesday, 10 July 2007
It will be apparent to anyone familiar with the Leader/Manager Model that it contains within it the key concepts of Emotional Intelligence (EI). As a holistic framework, it included them from the start. However, over the years, people started waking up to the fact that emotions have a big impact on the work environment.

There was much argument about what EI really was and how you could measure it. Daniel Goleman popularised the concept and continued without paying too much attention to the doubters and I'm glad he did. He certainly got it on the agenda (you could call him the Al Gore of EI - or perhaps the other way round!) We researched our own data gathered over years and found a cluster of EI type behaviours that hang together, and from them created the Emotional Intelligence Behaviours - in other words, the things that a manager might do in relation to their team and others that have emotional content.

We added into the profile pages that would specifically point at these items and indicate where they were different from the profile in general. This information became very useful for managers at the Debriefing session.

Interestingly enough, research shows that the EI behaviours on average are not different from the rest. But when they are - either as pointers for change or for keepint it 'as is' - they are very significant and very helpful in coaching.

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