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Desal for Sydney?
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Friday, 13 July 2007
To see a really neat expose of New South Wales' Desalination plant, take a look at The Leader website where it hangs out naked for all to see. Some really astounding info:

  • Sydney (Australia) has the highest annual rainfall of all the state capitals

  • Sydney needs, instead, improved stormwater capture, water-conserving efficiencies and water recycling

  • Location of the plant at Kurnell is ridiculous - all the water is to go to Sydney's eastern suburbs - ripping a huge trench across Botany Bay en route plus various suburbs.

The government announced it on 11 July 2005, saying that it had been 'researching' it for 6 months - without asking any of the experts, all of whom are against it. Then of course they promised they would do it "only if the dams fall to 30%", but since the dams didn't, they started anyway in dead of night. The dams are now up to 55% but the devastation of the Birthplace of Modern Australia (Captain Cook's landing) goes right ahead.

After the launch, the Premier was shown in Dubai (where they do need a desal plant!) drinking a glass of desal! There's more, much more. Read it all at The Leader. It's worth it. And look for a petition soon.

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