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Sunday, 15 July 2007
Part of the 360 Facilitated® process is use of the highly readable Leader/Manager Guide that takes you through the whole process of interpreting your profile and suggesting the meaning you might glean from each element. It's very well laid out. If you look at the first Practice in People Leadership - Leading by example - it tells you what it is, the Outcome you're looking for, what it means, why you would do it, what you could do if people are asking for more, and what you could do if people are asking for less. [Of course the 360 Facilitated is not a "strong/weak" assessment, it asks for useful feedback on what people want from you: Do you want more or less?].

This complete guide (130 pp) is on line with interactive links and available to the manager - and it has been for years, saving quite a bit of paper.

I will take up the L/M Guide in more detail in the future.

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