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The Appreciative Inquiry Profile
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Monday, 16 July 2007
Years ago I was called in by an organisation (name deleted to protect the guilty) to find out what was wrong with the low performing team of one of their managers. Facilitating the team's ideas and feelings I quickly found out that they wanted to do lots more but the manager wasn't listening. In his drive to play boss, he completely overlooked everything they did or wanted to contribute. Once we got him to appreciate his team, the whole situation changed - performance rose sharply.

The dominant philosophy that runs our organisations today is one of finding out what's wrong. It changes people significantly when we tell them what's right! This is the Appreciative Inquiry (AI) approach which has shown dramatic results for organisational change worldwide. Today, it forms part of everything Leaderskill Group does. However, we created a special profile - AtMyBest - to focus specifically on this approach. It is used by coaches wanting something extra for their clients.

We are so keen on this profile that we offer it at a nominal fee as we build up some data on its success. Try it!

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