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Can we demonstrate sustainability? No. 4 - Measuring success
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Thursday, 26 July 2007
We've discussed the Ideal Vision, how it can be practical and how you can choose to contribute to a part of it while not contradicting any other part of it. All well, makes sense, but how do you make a profit?

The whole point of Mega Planning is to help you grow and earn by contributing to an Objective (perhaps more than one) you have selected at the Mega level. You have chosen this by locating a real need that will have to be met out there in the future, or maybe quite close in the present. You now work out what you will have achieved for your organization when you reach this target. This is where good conventional planning starts: We have earned so much, taken so much market share, launched so many new products, services... whatever. These are your Objectives, the measures of organisational success at the Macro level, and they should be spread as widely as possible to cover all significant areas of development.

In contrast to conventional planning, the Macro Objectives must nest within the Mega Objectives. To quote Roger Kaufman "A tobacco company can't have a Mega Plan" (unless maybe it's to go out of business as quickly as possible).

And we should also be aware that most companies don't even have a Macro plan, they just have a budget and some activities that they are used to, and the plan is to do more of them!
(to be continued).

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