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Can we ensure sustainability? No. 3 - Who's going to do it?
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Monday, 23 July 2007
If you recall parts 1 and 2 in this discussion, then you know that we can define a future that just about everyone will want in quite clear, simple and measurable ways. We call it an Ideal Vision - but it is practical and we accept that we won't get there tomorrow but will aim for it at all times in everything we do, use and provide.

Next we have to ask ourselves "What part of this future is our organization going to contribute?" Not all of it! But some part of it. And we will commit not to going against any other part of it. So we will be either positive or neutral - maybe not immediately, but we will at least know where the gaps are. These are the challenges. This is where we discern the opportunities of the future, and this is the level of planning Roger Kaufman calls Mega.

Does this mean we have to choose some huge global objective? Not at all. Just today I heard of a lady who has started Nine2Three, a recruitment agency in Sydney that finds jobs for part-time people who are often highly skilled and competent but not available full-time. Does that fit into an Ideal Vision? What do you think? I say yes. Does she have a Mega Plan? Not that I know of, but I'll send her this link, let's see if she likes the idea!

(to be continued)


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