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Sunday, 22 July 2007
It's good to see a note on the University of British Columbia website about their highly successful 360 feedback program. I quote:

"After some years of working with multi-rater feedback instruments (see article on personal experiences [PDF]), we have found an instrument that we believe adopts the best principles and the most simple language of all the tools we have come across. We have purchased the Canadian license for 360º Facilitated® from Leaderskill Group, a company in Australia who have introduced the instrument within university business program curricula.

"360° Facilitated (also known as Upward Feedback) is a multi-rater feedback instrument that is being introduced to UBC as a means to focus on how managers and their teams work together and take action to improve. It is based the ground-breaking leadership theories of J.M. Burns and a model developed by P. Farey [PDF] that examines the Leader/Manager dynamic of leadership."

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