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Bob Selden - Being the Boss
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Monday, 28 April 2008
Bob Selden, back from the International Institute for Management Development in Switzerland has the latest on development - what's past, what's now, and where the future is taking us. If you're in Sydney, Australia, join us for a thought-provoking evening at the great Pollak venue! If you're in Lausanne, Switzerland, wait until Bob returns and meet him there!

Bob Selden, author of the newly published book 'What To Do When You Become The Boss' will discuss research and current trends in management development, and suggest some ways organisations can provide a clear pathway to develop their managers and retain their best talent.

Bob says that "Management development within organisations has made much progress over the last twenty years. For example, leadership development initiatives today typically offer performance support and real world application of skills through such methods as training programs, coaching and mentoring, action learning, and developmental assignments. State of the art leadership development now occurs in the context of ongoing work initiatives that are tied to strategic business imperatives. But, are we still missing out on important aspects of learning?"

Bob points out that:

"1. Many development initiatives concentrate on developing the behaviours, skills, competencies, capabilities and personality traits that are required of an effective leader / manager - an input oriented approach. Despite the myriad research and 'expert' writings, there is still no agreed and defined set of management / leadership 'skills' that describe the output - the ideal leader / manager!

2. Worse still, there is not an agreed definition of 'management' and 'leadership'."

He asks "Where is it going, and where should it go?"

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