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Leveraging the Power of Associations!
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Thursday, 20 March 2008
Have you ever wondered about the power that resides in our associations? All over the world, people get together in professional associations, societies, clubs and groups of all kinds to work together, improve themselves, share interests, promote some cause or just to enjoy themselves. What power might result if they all started thinking together about the world they truly want for themselves and their children! And what method more likely to make this happen than Appreciative Inquiry (AI)? This approach has an extraordinary track record of successes ranging from the BBC to the US Navy to the ANZ Bank (Australia and New Zealand), and can involve very large numbers of participants.

The founder of AI, David Cooperrider, is setting up a conference that will bring 500 delegates to Washington DC from 30 April to 2 May, and link in many thousands of others all around the globe. You can find details of the Global Summit - Associations as Agents of World Benefit (Leveraging the Power of Associations for Global Change) at the AI Commons where there is lot of information and news about AI. Or you can learn more from the sponsoring organization: ASAE & The Center for Association Leadership.
The purpose of this conference and virtual gathering is "to define the role that associations can play in solving complex world economic, social and environmental problems while simultaneously creating healthier organizations. The summit aims to collaboratively craft the principles, guidelines and actions that will transform this initiative from conversation to action".

International Society for Performance Improvement, (ISPI, Sydney Chapter) will be taking part.

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