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Earth Hour today!
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Saturday, 29 March 2008
A year has gone by! And a lot of work has been done. The promotion of Earth Hour in Sydney this year is phenomenal compared to a year ago - and this time it's global! Lead on Sydney! We can expect to see a much greater dimming of the lights with resultant reduction in energy.

What does Earth Hour really achieve?

  1. It proves we can cut greenhouse emissions

  2. It proves we want to do this, we look to our future and are prepared to play our part as individuals

  3. It demonstrates to the world of business that we are starting to think about the sustainability of those we buy from.
    Profits will flow to those who think long-term and protect our future.
For those businesses wanting to move towards sustainability - and prove it - there is a well established, and easy to use structure for doing this. Check out Mega Planning - it takes strategic planning to a new level, and makes it very user friendly.

March 2007

Meantime, switch off 8-9 pm tonight. See you! Well, no, it'll be dark, but enjoy a little freedom from light.
We've given a link to the Sydney Morning Herald, a major sponsor, together with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) because the Earth Hour website is running a little slow at present! Everyone wants it! Try again later - and sign up.

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