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Best Practice in 360 Degree Feedback: No. 14 - a useful profile
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Thursday, 28 February 2008
Is it so much to hope for that a 360 feedback profile will be useful, that the managers who are given it will be able to do something with it? If it isn't, it could be that your ROI will be negative!

The profile you receive must give clear guidance as to what you should do. For this to be true, the questions have to be simple and the scale clear, and the presentation must be very easy to understand. A difficult complicated layout can either put the managers off or it can get them deeply engrossed in what it all means - forgetting what it really does mean! Worse still, if a manager interprets it incorrectly, they may take the wrong action because they get the impression that they are doing better than they are - or worse than they are.

If the questions, scale and layout are well constructed (and if the questions are the right ones) then you have something with practical value. Most managers will do their best to make use of it.

There is, of course, another factor: how closely can the results express the thoughts and feelings of those responding? The only way to answer this is to go back to those who filled in the questionnaires and ask them "Why did you answer that way?" This provides another dimension of feedback that is unobtainable in any other way. If, in addition, the team are involved in generating the solutions and the action plans, then you have Leaderskill's facilitated feedback. And if you use that with the carefully crafted Leader/Manager Model - well, that's 360 Facilitated®.

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  • At 28 November 2009 at 07:35, Blogger Dr Ron said…

    Thanks for your comment. All our questionnaires are customisable but people who have worked with the Leader/Manager Model usually love it as is. Mind you, sometimes you have to make changes to meet org defined competencies and local language (which can mean technical or geographical) and that's fine. We are happy to advise on the changes and ensure you have a good questionnaire at the end of the day.

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