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For your New Year - Literacy Conference!
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Friday, 28 December 2007
News of a Literacy Conference has come to our attention. We recommend it strongly to all our readers.

Literacy Conference
Each day of the Conference starts with a spelling error - see if you can spott it! Its not hard. If you can, you can win a can of beer that can brighten up your day if you can.

There are allso grammattical erors and little turns of phrase that r not quite aceptable. For instance, if I where to write "I do not have the wherewithall" and you were to spott it, you would win a prise.

Build competence, buid confidense day by day as you lumber through this conference mase off speaker's, all chosen personally by us for there literacy.

So start to look for the errors, starting now, getoff to a good start at the start and you wil never lookback to were you started (at the start)! Later on you can look back if you want and you will be surprised at what you see – I was! Honestly, I was realy terible! And what made it worse was Spelcheck (notice it’s even spelled wrong!). So I had to turn it off, and then I improved a lot. We will show you how to do the same (Day 3, 4.30 PM, “Winning against Spelchek” with Dr How).

Fill in the form attached to reggister and be sur to send yr money.


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