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Saturday, 19 January 2008
Blood and Gore

We referred you to one of McKinsey's articles last year

This article has now been selected as one of their ten best in 2007. It describes how:
"three years ago, former US Vice President Al Gore joined with David Blood, the former head of Goldman Sachs Asset Management, to form an investment-management firm dedicated to investing for sustainability—that is, assessing the way social, economic, environmental, and ethical factors affect the strategy and valuation of businesses."

This parallels the approach that we advocate and present in its simplest and most user-friendly form as Start-up Mega Planning.

In the interview, "the two men explore the underpinnings of their investment philosophy and discuss traditional approaches to socially responsible investing, as well as society’s widening expectations of corporate responsibility."

They also "delve into their thinking on how to gain superior returns for investors while integrating sustainability into an investment model. They touch on the effects of long-term investing versus the “short termism” of some investors, discuss the complexity of valuing companies across multiple dimensions of sustainability, and assess the activities of companies that pursue the opportunities sustainability creates".

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  • At 20 January 2008 at 02:34, Blogger Ron Robins said…

    I think it's great the interest and coverage that Al Gore has been getting. I also see that you have a keen interest in all things green.

    I've been following green investing, LOHAS activities, socially responsible investing, etc, for around forty years and you might like to look at my website which covers the latest global green and socially responsible investing news. It's at

    Good luck and best wishes, Ron Robins

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