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Thursday, 21 February 2008
"The need for trust in relationships is gaining global prominence. It is the new business imperative" says Vanessa Hall, the Australian guru of Trust. Years of research with CEOs and others across the country have given Vanessa's company Entente Consulting, a powerful insight into what trust does in organisations and relationships, what we can do to build it, and what happens if we lose it.

From trust we can build performance and build business. With low trust, performance is always a problem. When we lose trust, performance goes through the floor.

Trust impacts every area of the organisation - producing your product or service, selling it, servicing your customers. There is no area within the organisation or outside it (how the public regards you and your product) that is not affected.

Vanessa has created a simple and memorable trust model that diagnoses trust in your organisation and identifies the critical areas. She has developed both an interactive model and the Entente Trust Survey. She says that:

"If you are not always seeking to build trust, you may be losing it".

It's hard to recover lost trust, sometimes it's impossible.

Vanessa is giving a short talk to the International Society for Performance Improvment (ISPI, Sydney Chapter) on Tues 26 Feb at 5.30 for 6pm, at Pollock Learning Alliance. This is a great opportunity to meet the lady who leads the trust movement in Australia. All questions answered. For details contact Leaderskill Group.

Responding to growing demand, Entente is also offering an extra training workshop 26-27 (& 28) March for corporate clients, with add-on Accreditation for Consultants wishing to work with the Entente Model.

As to Leaderskill Group, we have trust relationships and guaranteed results with all our clients and consultants - most of whom we have worked with for years. Let's build a world where trust is the norm!

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