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Best Practice in 360 Degree Feedback: No. 16 – Beyond Sticks and Carrots!
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Tuesday, 13 May 2008
Back in the Industrial Revolution it was thought by most people that you could get productivity by chasing people with a stick. There were some who had already proved that there were better ways but it took much of the twentieth century for them to catch on. Punishing managers for their 360 results is surely counterproductive and recent research demonstrates that 360s that use the results purely for development are the ones that get the best results in the long-term.

Best Practice very definitly is to use the survey for developmental purposes. Similar problems arise if you tie carrots to your 360, you may get some movement in some areas, but not a real commitment from the participants to change overall.

Our approach to 360 feedback is always:

Establish dialogue –> promote engagement –> creative thinking and contribution
  • Dialogue lets every voice be heard and the best ideas be used
  • Engagement means that everyone is playing a part, there are no bystanders
  • Creative thinking means that new ideas are always available to improve what we do and to meet the latest challenge
  • Contribution means that people are happy to give – nothing can be more productive than that.
On this cheerful note we conclude our 16 Best Practices for 360 Surveys. The series will be available as an e-book, contact us if you would like a copy.

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