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Best Practice in 360 Degree Feedback: No. 8 - Providing a Debrief
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Thursday, 4 October 2007
Absolutely critical to any 360 program is the provision of a debriefing session with a skilled, competent, independent and empathetic person. This is someone who can help the manager make good sense of the feedback and find positives in what may at first sight look like a collection of negatives. Leaving a manager to deal with the report on their own (and it's still done!) is almost certain to have negative consequences. These range from the manager who is delighted with the results and finds nothing to do, to the manager who dismisses the whole exercise ("What would they know, anyway!"), through to the manager who is completely disheartened, goes into depression or goes off looking for another job.

All of the above are common responses - hard to believe? But true. There is even the manager who gets an almost 'perfect' scorecard and who becomes indignant about the little points of deficiency that someone dared to point out!

360 feedback is not something to throw at people without thought. It takes preparation at the start, and care with the Debrief, then you have a good chance of getting cooperation and the kind of improvement that such a program is intended to achieve.

360 Facilitated® is designed right from the start to minimise these problems. It avoids energy wasted on defensiveness and uses it instead for improvement. The AIM Qld & NT calls it 'non-confrontational'. We're happy to agree.

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