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Best Practice in 360 Degree Feedback: No. 3 - Start at the top!
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Friday, 7 September 2007
If senior management really wants a 360 degree feedback program to succeed, then let them start it. Doing so takes a lot of the fear out of the process (and even the very best programs engender some degree of apprehension).

Starting at the top is a demonstration of leadership, it says "I'm not afraid to learn from those who report to me and I expect you to be the same. Let me demonstrate to you how to welcome and receive feedback, and how to put it to good use. We're all in this together".

A feedback program that runs at lower levels only is quite likely to fall into disuse over time. It actually sets a ceiling on communication (this far up and no more) and also demonstrates that only lip service is required from managers in dealing with their direct reports.

To start at the top is almost a guarantee of success because you are opening the organizational culture to dialogue.

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