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Saturday, 11 August 2007
We don't encourage anyone to take on a program of 360 degree feedback without making an estimate of what they will gain from it (ROI). It's a serious matter, critical. After all, how can you justify the cost of a program that has no measurable return? And how can you expect to continue, expand or repeat a program without proof of results?

Although much is said about the difficulty of measuring 'soft skills' there are certainly a lot of good measurables for a program of 360 Facilitated. The full version of this program involves, not just the manager debrief, but also going back to the team to get their perspective on the situation and make them part of the solution - and a lot of change happens in that process. So we provide the client with a full set of measures that they should consider. Just to summarise a little of what we think they should expect:
  • Results is number one. Teams and managers create action plans with specific objectives and these should be recorded and outcomes measured
  • Delegation: there is usually increased delegation - what is delegated and how does it benefit?
  • Ideas are gathered. Remember the old suggestion box? This one really works, a great source of innovation
  • All the basics will be affected: absenteeism, sickies and other measures of stress
  • Alignment of levels - even if we can't solve all problems right away, we can at least come to agreement on what they are

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