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Friday, 24 August 2007
Interesting to see how a top company like Virgin Atlantic uses 360 feedback to bring its senior execs up to speed and help them set their own development plans. They started back in the early 2000s as the company started to grow rapidly, to manage the growth and also to meet it by promoting from within. The company (Sir Richard Branson 51%) repeated it recently.

What is really noteworthy is the set of 11 Steps (see PersonnelToday) they developed to guide their 360. Most organizations could benefit by considering these:

Guide to leadership development in 11 steps
1. Understand the present and future context of the organisation and the sector in which it is operating.
2. Know what you are going to require of your leaders in the future. This mean you need to focus on potential performance.
3. Make sure any programme is tied into other company activities, such as secondments, mentoring, cross-functional working and masterclasses. It should mot be a standalone project or seen as solely an HR initiative.
4. Involve existing leaders by asking them to describe current and future leadership challenges.
5. Use a variety of development mechanisms. These might include group sessions and one-to-one work, experiential and paper-based activities, company projects, feedback and coaching.
6. Develop a framework on which to build the design of the programme, such as leadership competencies or principles.
7. Reflect company culture in the programme design. Make full use of the organisation's values and use the programme to bring them to life.
8. Give participants the opportunity to voice their career aspirations.
9. Wherever possible, involve line managers before, during and after the programme.
10. Build personal development planning into the programme. Individuals rarely complete development plans after the momentum of the programme is lost.
11. Carry out an evaluation of the programme at both a behavioural and results level through 360-degree appraisals (undertaken both before and after), surveys and performance data.

We can only applaud this level of preparation and follow-through.

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