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Can we demonstrate sustainability? No. 5 - Objectives within objectives
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Thursday, 2 August 2007
In the first four episodes, we developed a practical, measurable Vision, selected part of it for our organisation, and decided how we would know we were successful. Now within our Macro objectives for the organisation fit the Micro objectives for teams and individuals. Without them, nothing happens. At this point, everyone knows what their part of the goal is and how it fits in the overall scheme of things.

Complicated? No. There can be a lot to fit together but so many of the problems are overcome by this simple top down approach. It's the only sensible way to plan anything. The process has been called 'backward planning' - as opposed to the companies that I have seen where each division meets with the CEO to fight for the resources to get through the next year. And most go away disappointed.

Besides being the best way to plan, Mega Planning starts from the best point - the world we all want to live in. Hence the support at the shopfloor level where people suddenly realise that they are working for a better future for everyone. It makes a huge difference.

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