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Can we demonstrate sustainability? No. 7 - Resources: what, how much and why
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Monday, 6 August 2007
The last step in Mega Planning also turns out to be a 'first step' in many organisations - "How much finance do we need?" Using Mega Planning, you have now reached the point where you can assess and justify inputs of all kinds to meet your objectives. Unlike the nerve wracked GMs I used to see waiting their turn to meet with the CEO and try to get the budget they 'needed', with Mega Planning, all requirements become clear at the final Level of planning - Inputs.

Furthermore, there is a range of inputs we can examine that go beyond Finance: People, Skills, Knowledge, Networks, Material Resources, Infrastructure... At this moment in time, the USA is beginning to wake up to the fact that the infrastructure it requires to meet its many objectives has not been maintained - despite the warnings about bridges (for example) that have been around for decades. You could mention the levees of New Orleans in the same breath (still unprepared for Katrina). And in case anyone feels smug, check the infrastructure in your own country, Australia has its own problems. The simple fact is that organisations of all kinds, both public and private, are racing to meet financial goals without considering long-term requirements to be sustainable. Mega Planning obliges them to look at all the issues, shows them all the opportunities, and provides proof to the world of what they achieve.

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