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Pitfalls in 360 degree feedback: No. 14
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Monday, 21 May 2007
360 feedback profiles really ought to be useable! Just having a statistic of some sort is not enough. Even if it's accurate - can you make use of it? The test that a profile has to pass is What do I do now? If you can't work that out easily and clearly, then the profile has failed - not the user. As the user, you have to be clear about what the behaviour is (say, "meeting with clients regularly"), how most people think about how you do it, whether they mostly agree, or if there is a split response - most importantly, an indication of what they want you to do. i.e. stats that you can easily put to use. Pitfall No. 14:

Producing a profile that can't easily be put to practical use - can nullify the value of the survey.

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