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Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Alpha Male Syndrome By Kate Ludeman and Eddie Erlandson

Harvard Business Press

According to Ludeman and Erlandson, 'alpha' types of manager are strongly driven by visions of what they can achieve, regardless of practical realities. They say that:

" ranks in nearly all organizations are loaded with alpha types and most, although not all, are men. An alpha is "a person tending to assume a dominant role in social or professional situations, or one who is thought to possess the qualities and confidence for leadership."

The situation they create is what they call the alpha triangle, made up of:

"the alpha villain, the victimized colleagues and wounded direct reports, and the senior manager who chooses to ignore or enable highly productive alphas".

Their advice:

If you stop playing the part of victim or hero, the triangle collapses. And there's nothing like some unfiltered 360 degree feedback to jolt alphas into keeping their strengths in check and changing their ways before they're forced to change jobs or careers.

Source: Jay Rob

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