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Facilitation - Time & Cost Effective?
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Thursday, 12 April 2007
Isn’t it costly to bring team and manager together to resolve the issues that come up in a 360 feedback program? Well yes, you may be talking with twelve people rather than one but, if you are able to involve them all then you get:
  • the opportunity to appreciate the team and members’ specific efforts and so build morale and confidence
  • an understanding of the whole issue, not just the management perspective
  • a contribution of ideas from everyone, not just the manager
  • buy-in from everyone involved
  • commitment to the solution.

If you use team facilitation then you can look not just at the cost per manager but at the cost per person – much less!

Because the team session is learning on the job, it isn't time out of work, and it is not really a cost at all, other than for the facilitation. It is a necessary meeting to improve the job. It's more realistic to consider how low the time requirements and costs really are - compared with 360 appraisals.

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