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Reversal again
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Thursday, 14 June 2007
For those of you asking to know more about Reversal Theory, also known as Motivational States Theory, this is leading edge psychology that takes account of the needs of people - especially the young - to 'live on the edge'. It offers an explanation of sky diving, bungee jumping, discos and drug taking. If we don't take account of the real need of kids for an exciting life and offer creative possibilities, then don't be at all surprised if the only thing we can do with them is put them on Ritalin or, if a bit older, in gaol.

Quoting from their website: "Reversal Theory proposes that there is a universal structure explaining how people experience motivation and emotion. This structure includes eight different motivational states...

"Key emotions (including excitement and fear) and values (achievement and control) come from each of the eight motivational states – and you regularly reverse between them. Reversals are healthy and necessary - to fill your emotional needs, and to match your personal style to the needs of a situation or another person. The power of Reversal Theory lies in our ability to
recognize the need for a reversal, and to change our states to respond to our needs – and those of others."

As to the world of organisations: same thing. Make life interesting, fun, exciting for your people and they will stay with you and do their best.

Source: Reversal Theory. I don't recommend the Home page, a lot of jargon, but this link and the website in general is very good.

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