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Mapping the Benefits
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Monday, 11 June 2007
Our Accredited 360 Facilitated consultants know that when they take a manager through the Debrief Session, it’s helpful to get him or her to “map the benefits” they expect to gain from from the program. But then they take it one step further: they ask the manager to bring that map (on paper or PowerPoint) with them to the Team Session. When the team see it, there is an instant boost in morale. They realise that the manager really intends to improve how they work together, that s/he wants them to be part of it, and that valuing one another is going to be part of this process. The Facilitator often asks the team to add to it - which gives a boost to the manager's morale!

It’s just one more of the ways in which we set up for a positive outcome! We see it as in line with the Appreciative Inquiry (AI) approach.

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