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Styles of Leading and Managing your People
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Wednesday, 6 June 2007
Whether in sports or in business, teams exist to accomplish results. To do this they must be led and managed well. If you manage staff or lead a team, it will be helpful for you to know that there are at least 8 types of manager and 8 roles that managers can take in order to be effective with different groups.

Your Leader/Manager Style
Knowing your preferred style, you will be able to understand how it matches with the staff or team that you lead. You may also be prepared to modify your usual tendencies in leadership and management in order to increase your success with your team or with any other group that you encounter.

The Leader/Manager Types™ instrument requires that you score yourself honestly so that you can identify your personal style preference or ‘type’. There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answer or style. We are all different and our differences are a source of strength – when we understand and make use of them in teamwork.
The short profile and graphic in this Leaderskill instrument will show you some of your assumptions, characteristics and beliefs, and help you work at your best with those who look to you as their manager or leader.
The Leader/Manager Types™ profile will also help you understand both the successes you have encountered in the past, and the difficulties. It will suggest ways in which you can increase your successes in the future.

Origin of the instrument
The Leader/Manager Types™ instrument is the creation of Peter R. Farey, MA, former Senior HR Development Manager with British Airways in charge of corporate initiatives during its period of very successful transition in the 1980s. Farey was the originator of the Upward Feedback® process for managers in 1974, and of the Leader/Manager Model™ on which 360 Facilitated is based.

Note that a similar instrument (Team Types™) is available for team styles and roles and has particular application to Self-Managed Teams.

Ask Leaderskill Group for information on feedback profiles for managers and organizations.

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