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Catch Me At My Best!
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Wednesday, 30 May 2007
It has long been known that what you pay attention to is what develops. You want the worst out of people? Catch them when they're "doing something wrong". You want the best? Yes, it's true, catch them at their best! Don't believe it? That's easy, try it for yourself. But you can't be a pioneer, the ground has already been taken by Appreciative Inquiry (AI).

Following the AI approach, Leaderskill Group has developed an Internet feedback process that is specifically aimed at getting people the appreciation that can help them build an image of themselves at their best. When the feedback is debriefed with the recipient, it turns out to have a very powerful effect, builds morale and hence a lot of other good qualities such as confidence, self-awareness and capability.

If your organisation would like to try the AtMyBest Feedback without cost, email Leaderskill Group.


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