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Vaccination with mercury
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Wednesday, 7 October 2009
Hard to believe that we have been vaccinating babies and foetuses (via pregnant women) with mercury compounds (thimerosal) for many years while the pharmaceutical companies explained away the explosion of autism as 'better reporting' (i.e. better diagnosis).

But now, we at last have experimental evidence of the effect, shortly to be published in the International Journal Neurotoxicology [preview posted at Thoughtful House] in which baby macaque monkeys experienced, "significant neurological impairment" with just one injection of Hepatitis B vaccine.
"Adjusting for weight, these primates received only 2mcg - the new Swine Flu vaccine contains 24.5mcg or 49 times the FDA allowable daily limit for an adult".

Given that the Australian government with the best intentions has bought 20 million doses of the untested vaccine to run a national campaign beginning with pregnant women, we have every reason to be concerned. And this for an influenza that turns out to be weaker than the seasonal 'flu! What can the government do now? Destroy its dangerous and not very helpful stockpile? Unlikely.

Remember that children are now receiving over thirty vaccines by school age. One problem with mercury is that its effects may take years to show up. Many of these vaccines also contain aluminium, which is synergistic with mercury in the brain to cause impairment. There is also a link between elderly people receiving 'flu injections, and Alzheimers.
Vaccination is a huge and profitable industry. It needs very careful regulation but operates in an environment of fear where untested vaccines with toxic substances are allowed on the market.

Here's another view on staying healthy: eat food, not junk, avoid chemicals (environmental as well as pharmaceutical and other), exercise, relax, sleep, have fun, be positive... It works, and it's cheap. No, it doesn't gaurantee big profits for anyone, sorry.
If our Ideal Vision is to achieve the World for Tomorrow's Child (Mega Planning), then we are obliged to put health well ahead of profits.
[more - read this small but compelling study]

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