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360 in development – Part 3: Action Learning
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Friday, 26 June 2009
Action learning is an exchange of gifts. Staff members (managers or trainees - often young ) give ideas and effort in the pursuit of an individual project that has real payoffs for the organization. Or they carry out action plans based on feedback from others.

The organization gives opportunity, encouragement and resources to make it happen. The results are: professional development and experience for the staff members; development in terms of improved performance and output, and a more skilled workforce for the organization. Bob Dick offers this definition of the broad field of action/research/experiential learning:

action --> review --> planning --> action

When the organization provides the opportunity, 360 Facilitated® will do precisely this. Managers learn by getting an accurate understanding of how their behaviour is affecting their team and what they can change. Teams learn by getting a better understanding of their manager and what responsibilities they can take on. Together they plan better ways to get the job done. While development for all parties is a major part of the process, the context for the whole exercise is task improvement. How can you be more cost effective than that? While Action Learning has often been reserved for the young, 360 Facilitated® makes it available to all. Leaderskill’s motto has always been:

“Let your people contribute”.

Yes, they would like to, why not lend them your ear?
(to be continued…)

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